Nation of the Stars, Vol. 3

Nation of the Stars, Vol. 3

Nation of the Stars, Vol. 3
1 cd

This instrumental piano album was recorded in Spring 2011 at the Planet Studios in Montreal, QC Canada. I hope that this inspired melody will make you travel into space for a moment. Namasté




Track list:

1 Nation of the Stars (Remix 2) 

2 How I Want You 

3 Luv 

4 Pavane 

5 Tango 

6 Thank You 

7 Oceano Adlib 

8 First Time 

9 Fields of Gold Adlib 

10 Love Is Like the Wind 

11 Ne Me Quitte Pas Adlib 

12 Time Is Not on Our Side 

13 Canon De Pachelbel Adlib 

14 Last of the Mohicans Adlib 

15 Greensleeves Adlib 

16 Aigle Noir Adlib 

17 La Croix, L'étoile Et Le Croissant Adlib 

18 Je T'écris De La Main Gauche Adlib 

19 Nation of the Stars (Remix 3) 

20 Nation of the Stars (Remix 3) 

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