Semper Fidelis - Relaxation & Meditation

Semper Fidelis - Relaxation & Meditation

Semper Fidelis - Relaxation & Meditation
1 cd

"Always faithful" is such a beautiful, powerful, essential value. This is what "Semper Fidelis" means to me; it is about discovering faith. Faith has an individual meaning for each of us. It is a powerful word: it divides people, it unites people, it creates the strongest loves and the deepest fractures. Faith allows people to continue.

Faith can save people in this life, and it is faith that drives people to believe in the afterlife. You cannot make half faith; faith is wholehearted and passionate. The world we live in is a mess. People are fallible, nature is cruel.

Faith takes these things into account and replaces them anyway. That is why in time of war, when we think about it, there are currently 75 wars in the world, let us pray, let us send vibrations of love of hearts to the hearts of beings and of our planet. We "keep calm and continue"; that is why people are not afraid to love and die. For me, faith is about striving, hoping, loving, and believing in human evolution. Humanity needs a constant flow of love frequencies.


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Track list:

1 Positive Affirmations - Pachelbel's Canon

2 Energy Healing Intentions 

3 Healing Heart 

4 Inner Strength 

5 Healing Past 

6 Reinforce the Focus 

7 World Peace 

8 Aloha - Living in the Present 

9 Ho'oponopono Forgiveness Mantra 

10 Reiki Master Mantra

11 Lullaby 

12 Sleeping at Peace 

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